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I've played ice hockey for many years. When I returned to school in 2006 to pursue a degree in journalism, I decided I wanted to try out for the USF hockey team. The first season I played on the practice squad. My second year, I became the oldest player ever to make the active roster and was named an American Collegiate Hockey Association Div. III Academic All American.

The same tenacity and determination that made me successful on the ice drives me as a communicator.

Every person has a story to tell, and I find the thrill of journalism lies in finding the story and telling it in a compelling way. Whether I am writing about a hard hitting political scandal, or creating a photo-documentary about a community event, I try to look beyond the obvious and tell the story in a way that will create a lasting impression on the audience.

A communicator in the 21st century cannot focus on a single medium. I've worked hard to master both written and visual communications in order to tailor my story telling to multiple platforms.

The things I've learned on the ice carry over to my work as a journalist. Persistence, patience, drive, attentiveness and unrelenting effort shape my work.

On this site, you can explore some of my work. Hopefully, you will not only get a feel for my technical skills, but some insight into who I am, my motivations, and the philosophy behind my craft.