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Goalies fill a unique roll in the sports world.

The position requires a fundamentally individual mindset within a team framework.

I often compare playing net to working as an editor. A good goalie his to maintain a tunnel vision like focus on a small speeding puck, and at the same time, remain aware of everything going on around him on the ice. Netminder and editor alike must focus on both the details and the "big picture."

Playing hockey taught me many life lessons, including teamwork, discipline, the ability to fail and still get back up and keep going, and most importantly, mental toughness.

Hockey has helped form my character and I've built on those lessons through my various jobs.

My work experience in the airline industry provided me with strong customer service skills and the ability to work under pressure. My years as a performing musician taught me confidence and the ability to perform in front of large groups. These experiences supplied me with a strong foundation upon which I've built my journalism career.

To view a PDF copy of my resume, please click the link below.

Micheal Maharrey's resume

Letter of reccomendation from Sandra Gadsden, assitant metro editor at the St. Petersburg Times.